FloWaveNet Demo Page

Model Comparisons

Ground Truth
Autoregressive WaveNet (Mixture of Logistics)
Autoregressive WaveNet (A single Gaussian)
Gaussian IAF

Temperature Effect on Audio Quality Trade-off

Sample 1 (T = 0.0 ~ 1.0)

temperature gif

T = 0.0 T = 0.5 T = 0.8 T = 1.0
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Analysis of ClariNet Loss Terms

Gaussian IAFs (Only KL, KL + Frame, Only Frame) Iterations 50K ~ 500K

Only KL KL + Frame Only Frame
kl gif kl+frame gif frame gif

Only KL
KL + Frame
Only Frame

Causality of WaveNet Dilated Convolutions

FloWaveNet (Non-causal)
FloWaveNet (Causal)